Aborigine Troubles Down Under?? Just Ban The Porn And Booze!! (Or..Newt Gingrich Goes To Austrailia)

I didn’t know to ask whether Newt Gingrich must have moved to Austrailia, because only that can explain this kind of racist Puritan colonial nonsense (from the Guardian; h/t to Susie Bright):

Aborigines face ban on alcohol and porn

James Sturcke and agencies
Thursday June 21, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

Pornography and alcohol will be banned for Aborigines in Australia’s Northern Territory, the country’s prime minister, John Howard, announced today, after a report found that “rivers of grog” were leading to rampant child abuse.

“This is a national emergency,” Mr Howard told parliament. “We’re dealing with a group of young Australians for whom the concept of childhood innocence has never been present.” The sale, possession and transportation of alcohol would be banned for six months on Aboriginal-owned land in the Northern Territory, Mr Howard said, and sales would be reviewed after that.

Some Aboriginal leaders immediately attacked the plan as “disgusting and paternalistic”, saying they were not consulted and that they objected to restrictions on how indigenous people spend their welfare benefits.

The child abuse report, Little Children Are Sacred, released last week, found drinking was a key contributor to the collapse of Aboriginal culture and neglect of children, and created opportunities for paedophiles.

The report said hardcore pornography was rife in Aboriginal communities and available to children, who had become desensitised to sex with adults. The sale and possession of pornography is also to be banned.

“A river of grog [alcohol] is killing people and destroying our communities,” Pat Anderson, who co-chaired the inquiry, told reporters last week. “There is a strong association between alcohol abuse, violence and sexual abuse of children.”

About 60,000 of Australia’s roughly 400,000 Aborigines live in the Northern Territory. They are consistently the nation’s most disadvantaged group, with far higher rates of unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse, and domestic violence. Their life expectancy is 17 years shorter than that of other Australians.

Alcohol kills an Aborigine every 38 hours and accounts for a quarter of deaths in the Northern Territory.

Under Mr Howard’s plan, new restrictions would be placed on welfare payments for Aborigines, forcing parents to spend at least half of the money on essential items such as food – a measure meant to prevent wasting money on alcohol and gambling. Family welfare payments would also be linked to children’s school attendance.

Aboriginal leaders said it was the kind of government behaviour that disenfranchised their people and created the problems in the first place.

“I’m absolutely disgusted by this patronising government control,” said Mitch, who uses one name and is a member of a government board helping Aborigines who were taken from their parents under past assimilation laws. “And tying drinking with welfare payments is just disgusting.

“If they’re going to do that, they’re going to have to do that with every single person in Australia, not just black people.”

The report said banning alcohol sales in some Aboriginal communities had dramatically reduced sexual abuse and violence: “Alcohol is being used as a bartering tool to gain sex from children, either by offering it to the children themselves or in some cases to adult members of their family.”

One Aboriginal woman from the Yolngu tribe said “white man’s water is a curse” and called for alcohol outlets to be closed.

“Eradicate this curse that is killing us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually,” she wrote in a letter published in the report.

The report said: “Many of the Aboriginal people spoken to by the inquiry were not aware of legal issues such as age of consent.” 

Oh, so let me get this straight…

First, “we” (by “we” I refer to universal White privileged people) steal their land from under them by means of force, rape, and any other means;

Then, “we” use their men for slaves and women for sperm deposits, not caring about their free will;

Then, “we” abandon them after using them to fetter for themselves, and throw alcohol and Bibles and meaningless trinkets of cash at them as cures for “their” apparant lack of morality;

And then, “we” issue reports decrying how immoral they have become and the results of “their” immorality, and thusly, in a fit of care, pass even more repressive and reactionary laws to control their lives that much more…all because “we” care sooooo deeply.

And yes, we absolutely must take away the porn and teh alcohol from the nigg…errrrrr…the Aboriginies, since unlike “us”, they have been proven unable to handle the stuff for themselves.

On second thoughts, maybe Newtie isn’t the role model that Aussie premier John Howard (who also happens to be the chief booster for Dubya’s war games, too) is trying to copy.  Perhaps David Duke would be more appropos here.

Now, the idea that perhaps the continuation of White racism and gross neglect of the Aboriginies might have a bit more to do with their lack of well being than the demon water and porn could have crossed the mind of those who created this report….but naaaaaah, that would be too liberal and would scare off the liquor companies.  So much easier to blame the victims and create more repression.

I kinda like Susie’s suggestion:

I’d like to see the Prime Minister ban drinking in his neighborhood for six fucking minutes.

Nice try, Susie, but that law probably wouldn’t last three minutes.

Forget Al Gore….Cynthia McKinney Goes Online

Everybody in the liberal blogosphere seems to think that Al Gore will be the savior of the Dimocrats, which is why they are all pimping for him to run for President, I guess.

Me…I prefer someone a bit more progressive.

Probably that’s why I’ve been fantasizing about former Georgia Congresswoman/progressive headbussa Cynthia McKinney running in the ’08 campaign as an Independent (possibly on a Green Party slate).

But, since she got Shanghied out of her congressional seat, we haven’t really heard of her whereabouts. 

That is…until now.  Seems like CMcK’s gotten the online blog bug, and has opened up her own blog, which she is using to both vent her spleen at all the current events, raise money to retire her campaign debt, and hopefully plan her third comeback.

I would appreciate it a great deal if you would check her out…and for an appetizer, go over to CounterPunch and browse through her latest essay, too.

As a bonus, go ahead and check out this site in tribute to CMcK that debunks everything about her alleged anti-Semitism and her supposed bad hair, to the pushing incident that helped cost her her seat. It’ll open your eyes quite a bit.

Nez Kicks, Ren Rocks, BfP Flames, BA Whacks….and J-Val Merely Sucks

[UPDATE (5-14-07): Thanks to some recent clarifications by ‘Da Queer Bitch; I’ve gotten some second thoughts on Jessica Valenti that may have made my critique of her a bit too strong and off the mark…more on that in a future post. I’m retracting my original critique of her pending a further review of her book, and making editing adjustments thereof to this post.]

I am writing this at around 1 AM (Lafayette time), just off a shift from work, while my mind is still awake before the sheep start barging in….so excuse the stream of conscious thought.

To say that it’s been an interesting week around the Prog 101 Fighting Headbussa Brigade ranks would be a freakin’ understatement.

First, there’s The Badassssssss Mexicano known as Nezua over at The Unapologetic Mexican , who’s been taking the names and kicking the asses with a series of pinpoint accurate posts on not only the react to the May Day LA police riot, but the seeming lack of action amongst certain A-list liberal bloggers….not to mention the overall attitude of what he derides as the “WHITEPROGRESSIVE”(tm) attitude towards issues affecting people of color and poor people.

I find it very interesting, as a hallmark of this “White Lens” that I continually speak of that one group of people is allowed to decide the reality for another group (or many groups), as well as what is best for them. True, it’s infuriating, but more than that, it’s sad. It’s frustrating. It’s challenging. Because the very dynamic that continues harm on the Brown™ prevents the mind suffering behind the dynamic from coming to awareness of same. So tricky.

This “knowing what’s best for all” is typically White® and what I call “the colonizer’s” view. If you grok my use there, you understand better the controversial post I wrote about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s transracial adoption habit, titled Nezua’s 2006 Colonizers of the Year.. When understanding this “colonizer’s view,” as I call it, we can just hear Kirk on the bridge, talking about some good but primitive group of aliens that need the Federation’s intervention to find their way. This is part of why some grow so very offended and befuddled by my take on Jolie. In their eyes, I am attacking benevolence. How gross. What on earth is wrong with me? How DARE I posit that placing a brown baby from some “third world country” and immersing them in the home and culture of an American celebrity, giving them a snazzy new name and a place in the roost of our collective dreams—American celebrity—was not THE MOST bestest thing you could ever do? What am I? Some kind of Jolie-hater? Some kind of woman-hater? Some kind of commie?

A recent comment on the post asked me “where’s the data to support the claim that kids uprooted from their ‘true’ cultural/ethnic heritage and raised in the US suffer/are alienated/resent their colonizing parents?” And I have to assume they did not read the thread. And thus, don’t really want to learn about what we are discussing.

“Data” they want, so they say. And what would this be? Books housed in accredited libraries, perhaps, they want. Science journals measuring the fractions that add up to a pile of sharp-edged and fractured identity and pain in an individual. I don’t have that data. What I do have are numerous blogs that swarmed to link to me after that post. Blogs like The Transracial Korean Adoptee Nexus and Twice the Rice and Racilicious. I got letters from transracial adoptees thanking me profusely for making the post. I dug up wounds, and posts ensued where memories, and pain and anger poured out, and others reading got to understand a bit of what was behind such a seemingly benign and benevolent act as the wiping out of a person’s culture in the name of “colorblindness.” Those who wanted to understand, that is. Because like that commenter’s rebuttal to the post, most challenges such as this—”prove to me that my view on others is wrong”—come in the form of an impossible request. There is no “proving” to these people that their views on others are not the end-all-be-all on that issue. If I point them to personal stories, they say that this is “largely speculative and anecdotal.” Very snazzy English. Very arrogant Deciders. They refuse to consider that they may not understand everything in the world, even when at issue is the lives of others, the thoughts of others, the feelings of others.

This is the White Lens. And it will not be pried off. This is why my brown friends do not engage in trying to change any minds on it. The owner must one day turn and realize there is a painful glare in their eye. Then, they can do the work of tearing it away themselves. And just as my verb choice indicates, there will be pain in this loss of vantage point, as it implies a loss of privilege.

— excerpted from “The Unapologetic Mexican: The True Front of Progressivism”; reposted at Jesus General and CorrenteWire

I’d rather that you go over there to Nez’s blog and read up the whole post and the commentary…I can’t do the man more justice than that.

Segue over to the lucious and lovely — but very deadly, if you push her too far — Renegade Evolution, who has been spreading her…..errrrrrrr…..wings of late on almost everything.  Like, for instance, the apparant conflict amongst some feminists between freedom of choice concerning abortion and reproductive rights, and the supposed lack thereof concerning consuming and producing porn.

When it comes to abortion, the battle cry is often “Her body, her choice! Her right! You do not get to question! How dare you judge? How dare you ask? How dare you seek to control, influence, shame, or otherwise do anything to this woman? It is Her Choice!”

But when it comes to porn, well…it’s not her choice! She’s been duped, controlled, has no choice! She cannot be expected to think and decide for herself! There must be something wrong with her! She must have been abused, or on drugs, or tricked! We must ask! We can judge! It is our business! She did not make a choice, there is no such thing as a choice when it comes to this, no one would make this choice! No one would willingly and with forethought do that with their body! There is something wrong with her! This is not a choice!

Well, see, I find that ironic, and little sickening, actually. Truth is both are choices women make, in a variety of conditions, for a variety of reasons. No choice is made in a vacuum, but both are choices. Her choice. Yet one is supported, defended, and protected without question in a great many circles. The other is not accorded that same consideration, at all, in those same circles. Both come down to the same thing…the idea of a woman’s right and ability to choose what to do with her body and what happens to and in it…yet…

One choice is a sacred, personal, and rallying point choice.

The other is decidedly…not.

Why is that? Do tell. Call me curious.

— excerpted from Renegade Evolution: Abortion and Porn: Choice Revisited

And then, there is BlackAmazon, who always seems to find the perfect stream-of-conscious phrase to put some jackass fool in his or her place….especially when she gets really pissed off.  Like this throuogh ass-whupping leveled at Feministing’s Jessica Valenti for her recently released bromide for rich Valley Girl slut wannabes book,  Full Frontal Feminism:

Nubian who has of course left for her sanity was right about this six months ago


But this has nothing to do with me.

As a woman of color

As a woman of a certain class

As a woman of a certain education level and mindset

As a woman of a certain faith

So officially when I say

I’m not a feminist but,

If this is how you will be introducing “feminism” to young women,

Ms Valenti

When I say this is not me,

I would appreciate if you not be so brilliantly uninformed as to try and disrespectful as to try and dismiss offhand like I was some recalcitrant toddler or couch your condescension by only quoting the most baseless ( yet the fact it comes up in every piece you talk about ) homophobic bile in an effort to make yourself look better.

As a 22 year old women reading this book , I felt disrespected. As a teacher of nearly 9 years especially of “at risk ” youth, I was appalled.

Young women do not need friends who reduce their problems with feminism to some issue with the coolness factor.

The definitely do not need it from people who would choose a very specific half naked torso and various approximations of Valley girl lingo .

I am a young woman who is NOT a feminist. I am a young woman who is one of many young women who has disagreed ,disengaged, delinked, and been disrespected by many of the feminist sisterhood.

I am part of a much longer line of women who has been caricatured, stolen from, and used .

— excerpted from Having Read The Fine Print….: Imperative of the Life

BA has a hell of a lot more to say about J-Val and her brand of feminism…but you get the gist of where’s she coming from.  Ren gets in her licks as well here.

And then there is the saddest part of this post….namely, that Brownfemipower may have had enough of blogging; mostly from a combination of continuously banging her head against the wall from frustration over the constant racist barbs she recieves for defending herself as a radical Latina.  As in…this nice masterpiece love letter to her that she posted yesterday:

I am tired of reading sob stories detailing how these criminal aliens are “invisible” and must “live in the shadows.”

Myself, I see them everywhere. Target. Walmart. Mobil gas station. My apartment complex. My place of employment.

They talk loud in Mexican and advertise their lawless presence here in the US. They move into our neighborhoods though we make it obvious we don’t want them. They march openly and defiantly against America yet they survive chiefly as a parasite to America’s public assistance programs.

UGH! What an ugly race!!!!
Ms Taletha of Texas | Thrillseeker96@yahoo.com | IP:

Such deep affection for the human race, no??? Could have been written 40 years ago about Black folk…or gay/lesbian folk, or Native Americans, or…..

But it may have been something else that finally snapped Bfp over the edge…something related to J-Val’s brand of poor rich Valley Girl feminism. Quoteh Bfp in her “Fuck this shit, I’m outa here” post today:

[…]  * white women continue to be the dirty little slut of color at their oh-so-funny south of the border parties…

* but will it make a difference to anybody that most latinas have had to deal with the “HOTT” mamacita stereotype most of their lives? that white women express their sexuality by being “exotic” and “spicy” like the dirty little slut mexicans (or black women, asian women, arab women etc)–and that their sexuality is based on nothing more than our embarrassment and shame? does it make a difference at all? Does it make a difference that it’s NOT the patriarchy that is fucking up latina’s sexuality in this case–and that it’s NOT “just sex” either–that I’m not slut-shaming, I’m not sucking the patriarchy’s dick–I’m just sick and fucking TIRED IN MY BONES of racist white women making me feel ashamed and horrified to be Latina? And scared to death that my daughter is going to hook up with some racist white man or woman who thinks that she’s a dirty hot mamacita that loves to fuck like crazy? Your sexuality makes me fear for my daughters mental and physical well being BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT IT’S DONE TO ME–does that mean nothing to you???


* I just don’t have the drive any more–nobody gives a shit about mother’s being ripped from their children, nobody gives a shit if the cockroach slut is “rounded up” (and i don’t care if you hate that term, you’re still a bitch for saying it) and incarcerated like an animal, and EVERYBODY considers that a criminal latina may be lying when she speaks her fucking reality–oh, and I forgot–centralizing women in the immigration debate is dividing the community, letting the whites win, blah blah blah (as told to me by both male and female Latin@s).

I’m beginning to think that nubian was right–that there really is no place for a woman of color to speak specifically AS A WOMAN OF COLOR in this blogging world–blog posts directed solely toward other women of color get a handful of comments–blog posts to anybody, begging somebody to please, for god’s sake, pay attention–only get attention if they are angry and hostile and contain more energy than I’m willing to put into any more.

* And goddamn it, yes it bothers the shit out of me that when black or white women are shit on by sexism, men of color have something to say about it, but when latin@ mothers are fucking ripped from their children, imprisoned, deported–there’s silence–silence that is interrupted by nationalistic fuckheads that call me traitor and vendida. Is it being a traitor to remember your own? It’s being a traitor to love the your sisters and mothers and aunts and grandmothers?

I’ll just let her words speak for themselves….although BA’s words in response can speak volumes, too.

I notice that no matter how many times Twisty degrades and insults you yoou make sure you keep her as a high respected blogosphere link.

No matter how many times you steal form BFP and report race issues smugly with little consideration, you can’t be arsed to put up one sentence when she’s gone?

Stumbling into conversations about memories of bar and fictitious happy childhoods and I’m not evil I swear it while she and others fight for our lives.

You talk about wanting to hold media responsible yet the only attention you pay is to ” big fish ” while women who claim to be fore literally face death and fury and threats for putting words to page.

How many times does KOS of Firedoglake have to do dumbshit before the price of it to real people is less than the opportunity to mug with Hilary Clinton or have a new byline ?

Links for us and comments are not about traffic. Links are what makes it known that you cant come to a certain place and degrade our lines. comments are the voices that let the trolls and the assholes know you will be reckoned with.

They are the things that keep us from disappearing in the night. You can’t be bothered to be challenged or discuss or even say

We’re here so you don’t have to be alone in front of a motherfucking keyboard.

While debate dissecting our shit for your own self glorification

and you know this when you joke at calling people sluts. You know this when you sit and talka bout how much smarter you are than the discourse, you know this when you call us stupid, or misquote us , or mischaracterize us , or deliberately disrespect or requests for privacy and autonomy.

Use our names and bodies for press or conveniently rember how important it is to be one of us when you can get paid.

But it’s not really powerful until then,

We can’t organize till then

Our lives aren’t worth it till then


You know how little it takes to not feel alone or left out

You know how powerful a simple I’m here can be

And you fail

you fail us time and time again

Clavicles are more important than bombs, than children

Torsos need more defense than the first amendment

with I don’t have the time or I didn’t know or I can’t I can’t or oops I missed it

but never a chance to get paid for it or worshipped for it?

Time and time a gain the ball seems to get dropped with no steps towards being better


Fuck you .


This, friends, neighbors, and Clones, is the very reason I am a radical, not a liberal.

An Independent Leftist, not just a liberal Democrat.

A (pro-)sex radical, not just a libertarian.

A democratic socialist, not just a social democrat.

A Black man, not only an African American.

Because I know more than anything else that it’s not just right-wingers and Klan bigots who use and abuse Black  folk and Brown folk and female folk and sexual outcasts.

They are just the most boisterous and open about their hatred.

It’s the pseudo-“liberals” who mask their loathing of us outlaws behind the sacchrine of “unity” and “equality” and “human rights” and “colorblindness” and “let’s all get along” and vote for the lesser evil because the Republicans are pure evil”…yet are the first to grip an moan about “why you talking about us; we’re your saviors?” when called out for their presumptions of speaking for the outlaws.

And yet, for all their preening and squawking, they still can’t beat the conservatives and “centrists” at anything.

No thank you, J-Val, Kos, and the rest.  We outlaws aren’t playing this game anymore..at least, not with your rules.

Between Feministing Ariel Levy and Genderberg; Daily Kos and Townhall; Democrat and Republican; Radfem, Liberfem, and AntiFem; MRA and Burning Man, Randi Rhodes and Bill O’Reilly, there is only a flip of the same tired coin of traditional White privilege.  For the rest of humanity, there is only the basic principle of social solidarity, struggle, and the queer notion that humanity is non-negotiable, and not subject to either debate or majority vote. 

To Nez, BfP, BA, Ren, Nina, and all the other outlaws:  may you ride long, fly high, and kick ass….and smile, laugh, and fuck a hellava lot during the journey, too.

The (Darrell) Gates Doctrine: Alive And Busting Heads In LA

Times may change, and the target of the LAPD’s police thuggery may change (from prostitutes to Black men to Latinos protesting)…but the basic principle remains the same: No Humans Involved.

Witness the latest round of the Gangstas in Blue busting "non-lethal" violence upon peaceful protesters at a May Day immigrants’ rights rally in LA (as videographed by the local LA FOX affiliate (via YouTube):


And not even the media was exempted this time: this loop shows a Invision cameraman being attacked and his camera taken away from him:

The right to peaceful assembly??  To express your grievances with government?? To defend your right to exist as a human being?? Yeah, right….not if you are targeted as an "illegal alien"…or a "gangsta"….or a "whore"…or if you simply aren’t rich or White enough to buy your justice.

Oh…but current chief William Bratton now says that "some" of his cops’ actions were "inappropriate".  Eeee-yah. Like Rodney King’s ass whooping was innapropriate after…what, the 23rd bash with the nightstick??

Of course, the usual right-wing noise machine will defend this police riot as very much appropriate against the dire threat of "Mexifornia" and "Atzlan"….but what of the rest of you??

Justice….or more like "just us"???

I could say more..but Nezua, BfP, Sylvia, and a few others have documented this travesty far better than I could…so here’s the appropriate linkage:

The Unapologetic Mexican (Nezua):
          The Right of Peaceful Assembly. Gone.
          The True Face of Progressivism 
          ALLIES Is One Letter Away From ALIENS 

Women of Color Blog (Brownfemipower):
          We Are All Criminals
          LAPD Is Not Racist; It’s Not Hyper-Aggressive.  It’s Really Not 
          State Brutality Is Not An Anomaly
          MacArthur Park Brutality

The Anti-Essentialist Conondrum (Sylvia):
          Watch and Read

Para Justicia y Libertad!! (XicanoPwr):
         May Day Violence at Los Angeles’ MacArthur Park

Migra Matters:
         Riot Police Use Rubber Bullets to Disperse Immigrant Marchers 

Guerillas In The Matrix:
         Police Violence at LA Immigration March

C*ntensquirten (R. Mildred):
        LAPD Fire On Young And Old Alike (Again)

LA Indymedia (extensive coverage):
      Police Terror In The Park (includes extensive links to various views of the brutality)
      Greens Condemn Brazen Brutality of LAPD
      May Day, 2007: A Report To Correct The Balance
      Police Attack Peaceful May Day Rally
      Cops Terrorize May Day Protestors
      AJLPP Condemns Police Brutality Against Immigrants

More links as they become available….

Mamacita Rosarose Joins The SDC Fightin’ 101st PHHB

Not only on the strength of this righteous blast at her blog, where she lays down the law on pretender feminists, antitransgender bigots, and  slut-bashing APRF’s, all in one blow (an excerpt follows):

Oh, okay, I know! Black Amazon, BFP and other women of color whom blog! Guess what? I am one of “those women” too, and the way a lot of you white women treat WOC’s is deplorable. It is wrong. Sorry, but I don’t care how many black women, Asian women, latina women, other non-white women you know, or how many Men of Color you’ve married, slept with, made babies with, or how you, as a white woman, might identify culturally, you are STILL a WHITE WOMAN. You do NOT know what it is like to really be anything but a white woman, no matter how much you think otherwise, and all the hip-hop, biracial babies, and spicy salsa in the world isn’t going to change that. Now see, I bet you think right now that I have a problem with white women, right? Actually, I don’t. I have no problem with white women. I have white friends! But I know I am not a white woman, no matter how often I shop in the Gap or say that Seth Greene is hot. I have no problem not being a white woman. I love my culture and heritage, even if some morons see it as not as good as white. What I have a problem with is White Women who speak for WoC, the whole wide range of us, when we can do it ourselves just fine. Or when they ignore us when we dare to do so, or dismiss our first person, in the trenches WoC words and theories in favor of their own creamy ones then act as if their white makes them right, because, well, they have this friend…


The Transgender issue. My roommate? M to F. I live in South Miami Beach, which is hugely accepting of all sorts of gender sliding and expression. It is, in many ways, a utopia for those of non-concrete sexuality and sexual identity and I love it. It is a festival of difference and tolerance in most circles. And transgender people are real people, with real emotions and experiences too, and I am sick of seeing feminists attack and degrade them. “It?” Where in the numerous Chinese Hells is it okay to call someone, a living, breathing, human being “it”? Mind then if I call you “stupid bigoted cretin?” Don’t like it? Too bad, mamasita. No, trans women are not biological, born women. They have had the opportunity to suckle at the teat of the Patriarchy (Ha, the Patriarchy has teats!), but do you think, oh wise womb bearing feminists, that when they become women that the HELL they go through, physically, emotionally, in their souls, minds and bodies, and via society does not balance out the Karma just a teensy, weensy bit? Of course you don’t, that is evident, because your pain is far more valid and the only pain that matters! Most trans women I have encountered tend to be caring, soulful people who care about all women, which is more than I can say for some who were born that way. For all the boiled down whining that basically amounts to “It sucks to be a woman” you’d think some respect for women who have the intestinal fortitude to give up the “boy privilege” to BECOME women…who are subject to rape and discrimination and hate just like born women, is in order… but then again, I guess that would just give some people one less cause and thing to hate.


And rounding out the list of grievances we turn now once again to that jackbooted slut Renegade, Belle, AP and the rest of “Them”. We’ll make this simple:

“A Radical Feminist warns, "Your resolution must never falter. No argument must lead you astray. Never listen when they tell you that the Pro-porn and the Anti-Porn have a common interest….we must not come to resemble them…”

"Do not imagine, comrades, that leadership is a pleasure. On the contrary, it is a deep and heavy responsibility. No one believes more than me that all women are equal. I would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?"

One was deceiving the neighboring feminists as she was also tricking her own. The scapegoat was again “them”. "Whenever anything went wrong it became usual to attribute it to “them” ." In fact many of the claims begin to sound ridiculous to the objective mind. Of course, the mission is to keep everything subjective in the minds of the feminists.

So one, with the help of her allies, shames and silences anyone who is said to be disloyal.

The Seven Commandments:

1. Whatever alters, paints or displays its body is an enemy.
2. Whatever fully eschews the Patriarchy, or supports our causes, is a friend.
3. No feminist shall wear revealing clothes.
4. No feminist shall use her body for monetary gain.
5. No feminist shall partake of pornography or unapproved sexual practices.
6. No feminist shall shame any other feminist.
7. All women, all feminists are equal.

1. (revised) "All feminists are equal but some feminists are more equal than others."

Thank you, Mr. Orwell, a bit of tweaking and this was perfect.

So, some of you feminists, if you are going to ignore WoC, and Transwomen, and accuse others of privilege, and suggest other feminists censor or delete their blogs, perhaps you should install this Logo on you own spaces:

“True White Feminist Country; No Brown People, Non-Born Women, Non-Agreeing Females or Sluts Allowed”

….but also for this blast she just posted to RenegadeEvolution’s blog on the APRF’s obsession with bashing her (RenEv’s) new blog header logo (the one with the boxed out boobs and kick-ass boots) as "offensive" and "pornographic":

Okay, so I’ve figured it all out now, logically and everything. I, Rosa, mere student and minion of South Florida, have found the great truth of “Logogate”.

The whole problem is Ren, misanthropic evil little pornified instigator and thug that she is, just does not hate enough.

Startling, I know, especially with all that vitriol and aggressiveness she is accused of, but it is the truth!

Ren does not hate “non approved’ sexual practices, men, porn, sex work, nudity, conventional beauty, money, choice, crass and crude behavior enough. Most importantly, she does not hate herself, what she does, or what she has become nearly enough. That’s her sin. She’s augmented her breasts, shaves her body, poses nude, makes porn, gets naked for money, swings, dresses as a ‘sexbot’, and she has the nerve not to hate herself for it.

How the fuck dare she not hate herself for it?! How dare she not hate men and blame them for her “seedy, degraded lifestyle”? How dare she actually state that she is willingly this way, and wanted to be this way, and refuse to accept that the Patriarchy made her do it? How dare she take pride in the body she’s worked and paid for? How dare she show off the fruits of that work and money? How dare she enjoy the type of sex she enjoys? How dare she make a living in the field that she has chosen? How dare she do and say all these things without loathing her very existence every second of every day? How dare she not hate herself, her image, her industry, the horrible fucktoy she’s become, when all these other people say she should! How dare she?

How dare Ren not despise herself, her body, her sexuality and what men do to her? How dare she get off scott-free and in the clear when so many other women despise themselves, their bodies, their sexuality and what men have done them?

And THAT’S it, right there. She doesn’t have the solidarity of self-loathing going for her. That’s the real reason she’s offensive. The bod, the fake tits, the job, the rough sex, all of that would be fine if Ren just hated herself a little bit more. If she could weep and bemoan the evils of the Pornstitution, from a personal level, everything would be just fine.

Fuck you, Ren. Fuck you for not hating yourself. Fuck you for not crying over how the business made you starve yourself, paint yourself, shave yourself and get fake tits. Fuck you for finding that beautiful. Fuck you for not waxing on tragically about how many times you’ve been raped and forced to service men in the most dehumanized of ways. Fuck you for not crying out of sadness and despair every time you spread your legs or suck cock. Fuck you for not claiming dp and anal sex are not the most demeaning things in the universe. Fuck you for claiming to be anything other than the poor, used, dehumanized piece of meat you are. Fuck you for not being suicidal. Fuck you for not being a junkie. Fuck you for not being a single mom desperately and tragically forced into this life to support a family. Fuck you for not getting beaten. Fuck you for not having diseases. Fuck you for not being a victim. Fuck you for being alive. Fuck you for making it so hard for us. And fuck you for not being nearly miserably enough.

Like you SHOULD be.

Like WE are.

Fuck you.

2:41 PM

Or, to further condense and distill:  Fuck you, Ren, (and all other rebel feminist dissenters and heretics) for not assimilating into the APRF Borg collective.

The Official SmackDog Chronicles Fighting 101st Progressive Headslap/Headbussa Brigade(tm) just got a new souljah sista.  Welcome in, mamacita, and keep bringing it. 

BTW…I believe that with those killa boots and the new attitude, I’m adding RenEv to the team, too.

For the record, the charter members of the F 101st PHHB are (in no particular order of rank):

‘Da Queer Bitch (formerly be elle)
Nina Hartley
Kevin Andre Elliot
Ernest Greene (Nina’s husband and all around hellraiser)
Dennis Perron
Renegade Evolution
Doug Henwood/Liza Featherstone
Sheldon Ranz
Bruce Dixon and Glenn Ford of The Black Agenda Report
Shauna O’Brien (former softcore actress/model, retired)
Nubian of Blac(k)ademic (on hiatus)
Molly Ivins (posthumous)

I could have missed a few…when I think of them I’ll post them here.




Democrats For The….Racist Class?? Or, Hilliary’s CM Flashes His Racist Ass…Again

It wasn’t as if I was going to vote for Hilliary Clinton for President, anyway, considering her incessant pandering to the Right on almost any issue you can bear (rattling the sabers for nuking Iran, opposing the war in Iraq in words while supporting it with her votes; supporting Wars on….Video Games and TV Shows)…but this latest should just about seal the deal.

This is Terry McAuliffe, former bagman/launderer for the DNC, and now Hillary’s chief of her ’08 campaign, riffing off on a SoCal NPR affialate interview about the issue of "illegal immigration" (which is nothing more in my view than shorthand for "Kick them damn wetback Meskins outta here") He’s responding to a caller who calls himself a Republican who wants to lecture McA on how the Dems can win back his (and I guess the rest of his xenophobic friends’) vote this upcoming election. (Taken from the Chris Bowers’ liberal blog MyDD and David Neiwert’s Orcinus):

CALLER ["John in Santa Monica"]: I’m one of those Republicans who helped change the political arrangement by sitting on the sidelines, and if you want to get 10 percent of the Republicans, right now, to vote for Hillary Clinton — and I would be one of them, and I’ve been a Republican for 40 years — you do the following things. You eliminate your support for NAFTA, that was Bill Clinton. Eliminate your support for amnesty and wide-open borders — Bill Clinton, I’ve heard him say it many times, and I believe I’ve heard Hillary say it also — and you start getting self-deportation of the 20 million illegal aliens here that are taking the jobs, the wages, and the working conditions, and destroying them for working Americans, which I always thought Democrats supported.


TERRY MCAULIFFE: I couldn’t agree more. We’ve got to shut these borders down. These people shouldn’t be coming in this country. We need to enforce our border protections. We have to do something for the people who have been here for years and have paid taxes — you know, we’re for the people who have been in this country and paying taxes and raising their family. But for the people who have not been here, who have been here illegally and have taken advantage of the situation, we need to have a plan to get them back to the countries they came from, and more important, which is the first thing John talks about, we have gotta shut these borders down. I couldn’t agree more.

I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, we all agree you’ve gotta shut the borders down. People who are coming into this nation taking our jobs.

Emphasis added by me, of course.

Now, this is kinda strange and funny coming from one of the biggest boosters and benefactors of NAFTA (see the Global Crossing scandal for evidence of that)…and I guess that pandering to the most reactionary and racist groups must simply be old hat for TMcA.  But outright thinly veiled racism like this, which only differs from the likes of Repub Congressman Tom "Give me my electified fence on the Rio Grande" Tancredo and the KKK (who have mined the "illegal aliens" issue to maximum advantage in their recent recruitment drives) only in degree??? Yeah, that’ll win back those White "moderate" voters for sure….never mind if Brown- and Black-skinned people are effectively disenfranchised and violated, since they will probably vote for Hillary against McCain or Giuliani or Brownback, anyway.

I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised any more by the depths to which conservative Democrats would fall to get back in power.

Oh…and this "self-deportation" thing…so does that mean that all ‘dem Meskins (and those Latinos with American citizenship already…in the mind of the xenophobes. they are one and the same "aliens") will simply on their own volition get in their cars and voluntarily take themselves across the border????  Until, of course, the next time that rich bastards like McAuliffe need some really cheap labor for his corporate cash cows…or he needs some cheap house help???

And they call me insane and stupid for voting for Nader twice?? 

 A system like this which panders to the worst forms of bigotry deserved to be spoiled….and a party that can’t even enforce the most basic of progressive values such as solidarity for people suffering does not even deserve that label. 

Now, both Hillary and McAuliffe were quick to break out half-hearted "apologies" and denials (mostly saying that McA only spoke for himself and not for the official Clinton campaign…never mind the fact that he defined himself as Hillary’s main campaigner specifically and frequently).,,as if that would actually make the matter disappear.  No thank you to that, Hillary: nothing short of McAuliffe getting run and publically reprimanded will do for me…and considering her past record, that will happen like….never.

Memo to Democrats: That is your front runner for ’08, and more than likely, your nominee. Learn to accept it, and prepare for another electoral college ass-kicking.  I’ll be the one voting Independent, shaking my head in amusement and disbelief come Election Day.



Serious Smackin’/Headbussin’ From The Unapologetic Mexican

Oh, but the fun that Miss Molly would have with this!!!

Memo to Firedoglake: Nezua of The Unapologetic Mexican shows you the correct way to use Photoshop for smacking down foolish wimpy-ass Democratic pols.  US Senator Joe Biden of Delaware (he of the recent foot-in-mouth comments about fellow Senator Barack Obama from Illinois) was the intended target.



(Click on the pic to go to the original post.)

Heheh.  Too sweet.

Consider yourself duly racked in the SmackDog Blogroll, Nez….you are officially a certified Progressive Headbussa.

You Just Can’t Keep A Bitch Down These Days: Bitch|Lab Back Online!!!

Well…thanks to the generosity of some fans and some creative ingenuity, Bitch|Lab is back online again and K is posting more bits and bytes of her knowledge again.  She managed to find another host to run her site and blog, and though the site is still not up fully to where it was before all Hell broke loose, it is up and running.

And she does have a place at her blog for anyone wishing to give some donations for getting back some of the lost money from her last hosts who booted her…so I won’t have to solicit any funds here for her; just send them over to her.

Great to have you back, Ms. B….and watch for those Kama Sutra gingerbread sex dolls in the rotating headers, y’all.


On Boobs, A Boob, A Really Bad Burqa Joke, and Liberal Cultural Imperialism (Part One)

First off, my apologies for not blogging for a while…work and other stuff, you know.  I’m currently enjoying a week of paid vacation, so I’ll just take advantage of it for playing catch-up. 

Now, I’m wondering myself why it took me this long to add my penny’s worth to all the fireworks and water works going on over former President Bubba Clinton’s recent soiree with the Liberal Blogospheric A-Team, and the ensuing Cat 3 hurricane in Left Blogomania…but since everyone else in this freakin’ nation has had a say or fifty about it, then why not moi???

To give a abridged version of the whole story:

Bubba invites several of the lib blogosphere’s heavy hitters to his office in Harlem for a informal luncheon, basically to soften them up for Hilliary’s 2008 Presidential campaign, I’d guess.

One of the invitees happens to be a quite striking young woman named Jessica Valenti, who writes the Feministing blog.  And I do mean quite striking, too….though that should have nothing to do with her competence as a writer, now should it, gang??

Anyways, part of the soiree includes the obligatory portrait, where Ex-Prez Bubba looks all Presidential and all the participants put on their best grins for the camera…so that they can say to their blogging friends that they got up close with “The Big Dog”. 

Jessica just so happens to place herself right in front of Bubba.  Wearing a very casual and dressy and quite appropriate (for a lunch meeting with the former President) form-fitting blouse. 

The results are shown here (*from Jessica’s Flickr gallery):


Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), Jessica (as do almost all women) happens to have…..well, what we in the human race call “breasts” ….and quite decent ones, too.  And the particular blouse she wore (although not in any way revealing, since no cleavage was shown), did manage to emphasize that segment of her anatomy more than the usual. (No big deal here, either, since she wasn’t there to flash or put out, just to represent her share of the blogosphere.)

Just as unfortunately, as you can plainly see, Jessica happens to be a brunette and decent looking. Combined with the setting, the form-fitting dress, and the subject of the honor, you’d think that it wouldn’t take long for some of our wingnutty whackjobss to put 2 and 2 together and utter those two words of doom: 

Monica.  Lewinsky.

And sure enough, here comes libertarian conservative “feminist” Ann Althouse, who has a real beef with Bubba for obvious reasons (like, she hates his policies and his ways with women).  First she comes out and attacks the whole shindig as mere pandering to a failed president (unlike the current President-Select, whom she thinks is just jolly-fine because he’s a grown-up, mature conservative family man…..his alleged drinking, cussing, and fussing to the contrary). 

And then, when some visitors to the blog decide to point out Jessica and the resembulance to Monica, she comes back for a much more detailed and vicious personal attack on Jessica (or at least, her boobs), claiming her to be nothing more than a Monica wannabe, a publicity whore, and a brainless slut who’s bringing feminism down to the “raunch” level. She even attempts to bring in the Feministing logo (a series of matching “mud flaps” featuring a sihoulette of a scantily-clad woman) as proof of Jessica’s (and in Althouse’s view, most liberal feminists’) lack of seriousness.

Needless to say, the feminist and progressive A-list blogosphere went up in righteous anger and rose up in almost unison to defend Jessica (and, it’s nice to say, Jessica herself smacked Althouse down pretty good herself); and rightfully so, in my word.  I mean, it’s not as if she went in there with full cleavage and short skirt and snapped her thong…she was there on serious business. Perhaps Althouse was just jealous that someone at least prettier than her (and obviously smarter, too) got to get close to the President she hated)…or maybe it’s just that old right-wing hatred of Clinton for coopting their agenda so well. 

But that debate of all-hawk and no-spit over the importance of Jessica’s boobs was a mere cover for another, far more substansial debate that was raised later on: the lack of invites to bloggers of color.  This was especially important regarding Clinton because (1) he was considered to be America’s “first (unofficial) Black President (amazing what playing the sax on Arsenio Hall’s show and playing alongside Grambling State University’s “World Famous” marching band will do for a President’s image….it might even cover up his actual record towards Black people, like his support of racist crime bills, executions and welfare “reform”); and because of the Harlem venue.

(To be fair, one popular A-list liberal Black blogger, Steve Gilliard of THE NEWS BLOG, posted that he would have declined on personal philosophy if any invites were given to him to meet and greet Bubba…but he did admit that he wasn’t invited, either.)

While it was mostly the outsider, more radical Black blogging community (including Brownfempower, Kevin Andre Elliott, Bint Alshamsa, and especially Blackamazon, who laid a particularly lethal strike on the pretentions of White liberals here), the fun actually started when Liza Sabater of culturekitchen used her blog to bring out the lily-white nature of the lunch klatch in Black Harlem and how it represented how privileged White liberals seem to take people of color for granted and use them as recyclable refuse to raise their personal ratings.

Unfortunately, the way in which Liza expressed her rage brought out the dander of some of the liberals in response; including a particularly nasty ad hominen rebuttal by someone named TRex (nee’ David Ferguson) using the Firedoglake blog (owners Christy Smith and Jane Hamsher happened to be two of the invitees at the Clinton lunch). Apparantly, TRex used his creds as a White gay man to tell off Liza and other supposed Black know-nothings on their notions of representation in the liberal blogosphere; and even got off some personal jabs at Lisa’s writing style:

“So, Liza, dear, before you go assailing your betters and making Jane stand in for every blond white woman who ever pissed you off, maybe you should head back to eighth grade English and, you know, learn to spell and to write in a linear fashion.” 

[That was the original quote…..since then, T-Rex has gone and edited it to remove the more offensive remarks….barely.] 

Uh, huh. Very nice of him to lecture a Black woman on her “inferior” writing style.  I’ll bet he says this for all the uppity nigg….errrrrrrr….Black women writers, too.

[And visions of all the crap that Nubian has had to endure comes to mind, too.]

Of course, this has a real history to it….because Liza had earlier whacked FDL for allowing a portrait of Fightin’ Joe (for the GOP) Lieberman altered in blackface (as a part of their hatefest against him for his Republican policies…..as if Black people were too stupid otherwise to oppose him on his merits). [Note: the original pic from FDL (and originally posted at Hamsher’s Huffington Post blog, have long since been deleted from both the FDL and Huff Post servers; but Slate.com’s John Dickerson did manage to cache that image for an article critical of that effort.

Now all that would have passed and gone and had been forgotten as the usual election year inaniety. It would have, too…except that here, from out of the dugout in porn liberal feminist left field, came Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon to pour some high-octane rocket fuel to the debate ….in her attempt to defend Jessica from the evil bad fundamentalist woman-hating neocons.  In her attempt to score some humor and some smack points against Althouse and her boob obsessions, Amanda decided to import the time-honored image of a Muslim woman dressed in a burqa as the symbol of what she thought Althouse and her haters thought Jessica should have been wearing.  To that effort, she enlisted the help of a regular Pandagonite, Auguste, to do some Photoshop magic reconstruction to the original Clinton blogger soiree, the result shown here being attached to a biting rant Amanda posted to her blog:


[Click to see the full image]

That may have silenced the Althouse crowd…but it created a literal firestorm of rage from both radical Arab and Muslim women bloggers and WOC bloggers, who saw not a lighthearted joke, but a gratituous insult and an appropriation and mocking of another culture’s (and another race’s) most precious religious symbol…not to mention the blinding of Clinton’s own role in the destruction of Muslims and Arabs (who in the Middle East mostly consist of people of color) as a means to score brownie points against other White elitist women. 

[A similar discussion had emerged earlier when the Tennessee Guerilla Women, a liberal feminist blogger collective, decided to launch a campaign for reproductive rights in the US  using the burqa as a collective symbol of women’s oppression (Operation Red Burqa)….and got strongly rebuked by Black and Brown feminists for abusing and appropriating that Muslim symbol in that way.  (This essay by none other than Bitch | Lab (who is not a WOC, but radical enough to support their struggles) exemplifies the latter position quite well. The latter came as a response to one of my earlier essays from my former blog defending TGW’s position.)] 

But back to the here and now….things quickly degenerated into a nasty Pier 6 brawl (wrasslin’ term) when some of Amanda’s defenders in the liberal (and feminist) blogosphere started biting back that the complaints of the WOCs were being “selfish” and amounted to “black nationalism” in their attempts to shame White feminists into submission to “racist tactics”. Two particularly acidic responses came from Lindsey at Majikthisse and a young man named Alon Levy, who even went as far as to break out the old “Islamofascist” card in saying that critics of Amanda were simply soft on the innate evil of Islam amongst women, if not active agents of “Islamofascism”.  There was even a nice rant posted to Alas, a Blog by a “Greenconscionse” which attempted to recruit people into the War on Muslims using radfem rhetoric (an excerpt follows):

We should do more than criticize, we should support this war, expand it into Iran and Saudi Arabia, blow up the patriarchy everywhere possible. Support the immigration of women to the US from any Moslem country without husbands or fathers, forbid the oppression of women by Muslims in this country. Call it slavery and act against it wherever we can. The boys shouted us down in 1972 and they will do it again except for the decent men – shout back. Better yet turn your back on them and reach out to your sisters in Afghanistan and if it ever gets safer to your sisters in Iraq.

[emphasis added]

Meanwhile, in the midst of all this, Amanda decided to make an effort to crawfish her way out of the controversy with an attempted explanation and apology for the burqaized Jessica image; unfortunately, some of the WOCs decided not to quite buy into it, because it didn’t (to them) address the fundamental issue of how liberal White feminists appropriated wrongly the image of a POC for their own selfish motives without even addressing their interests. This set off some of Amanda’s supporters even more, who publically implied that she should have never apologized in the first place and that the critics were just evil reverse racists who were simply attempting to call themselves off as saviors of the entire third world though the usual Mau-Mauing and guilt tripping.

And so, the matter stands up to date…with bruised feelings everywhere.

What’s my personal take on all this??  That’s for Part Deux, soon to follow.  Stay close….

BTW….Go check out Bitch | Lab; she has a whole collection of discussion threads on the entire controversy…far too many to link here…but this post and discussion will do as a start.

St. Tammany Sheriff to NOLA Black”Trash”: Not In My Parish!! (or, Why David Duke Really Won)

Oh, but y’all are going to love this….this fool happens to be the Sheriff of St. Tammany Parish just east of New Orleans, which suffered a lot of the brunt of Hurricane Katrina last year. You would think that he would have too much on his mind for tending to his own needs to worry about the suffering in New Orleans proper…but noooooooooooo; he has to riff to the New Orleans media (in this case, TV station WDSU) on the threat of “trash” and “thugs” invading his fair parish.

Just listen to this clip, and tell me that David Duke still doesn’t have any pull here in Louisiana.

(From WDSU-TV via Crooks and Liars, also check out Pam Spaulding’s blog.)

I especially liked the “Chee Wees” and “dreadlocks” smack, along with the threat of “a visit from one of my deputies”…,funny, don’t most NO gangstas wear do rags these days???

I guess that Sheriff Strain would much prefer all the “trash” to be left in NOLA to be washed away clean by the next storm, ehhh??

He better have more than a few Black deputies, because if he doesn’t, I will make my journeys down I-10 or I-12 eastbound as brief as possible. Such bigotry already killed Black folk before (see the Gretna/Jefferson Parish police blocking the Crescent City Connection from Black evacuees attempting to escape Camp Abu Gumbo (aka the Superdome) during the height of Katrina); I’d rather not be a casualty now.

It doesn’t ever stop, does it???