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Sorry for the delay again in posting…..I waited too late to renew my domain name; and I had to wait until payday to buy it back.

Everything should be working fine now.

Plus, I’m now on an official paid vacation from work for a week….so now I can catch up on things.  Just be patient…. 🙂 

I Iz In Yer Meme…Rolling ‘Da Octet (Lolcats Really SUCK, BTW)

OK…..so Iamcuriousblue decided to tag me on this new meme that’s going around.

Here are the rules as he sent them:

  1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
  2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
  4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

OK….since IACB was so nice, here’s some totally irreverent (and irrelevant) stuff about moi:

1)  I have a serious elevator phobia:  It doesn’t matter where I go, wherever possible I will ALWAYS ask to use the stairs. I guess that it’s the fear of getting stuck or getting in freefall.

2)  Other than my usual fetish for sexy, intellegent women, my other main weakness is for pasta with meat.  Serve me up lasanga or a good spagetti and meatballs dinner (especially with chunks of sausage or franks) and you will have an obedient ‘Dog for life….or at least, a week.

3)  If I wasn’t stuck in South Louisiana, the next best place that I’d want to live would be San Diego.  I spent some time there job hunting a few years back; and I loved every minute of it.  I especially enjoyed riding the trolley down to the San Ysidro station and back (though I never did cross the border into Mexico; didn’t have enough for a passport).

4) In terms of travel, here are my limits:
West: San Diego (see #3)
East: Atlanta (to visit relatives)
North: Memphis (As a member of what was then the University of Southwestern Louisiana’s band for a football game)
South: New Orleans (for Mardi Gras)

5)  I used to have a real fear of trains due to my grandmother living next to a major train line; now I can’t get enough of them.  I wouldn’t want to have one real close by, though.

6)  I was once considered “genius” enough to take Algebra I in the seventh grade.  Like that did me any good. ;-p

7)  For some reason even I don’t understand, I still do not know how to drive a car…so I end up walking a lot.  Maybe the fact that I don’t own my own car might have something to do with that….

8) Although I’m now 43 years old, everyone thinks that I’m no older than 35, at most.  Maybe it’s because I’m a twin or a Taurus…but who knows.


Remember, I’m posting this right around one in the morning right after a night shift at work…so sue me.

Now….who to pass the poison too??  The nominees (if not “winners”) are:

Kevin of Slant Truth
R Mildred of C*ntensquirten
Nina Hartley (via her forum)
The Mighty Quare Dewd/Queer Bitch/Bitch | Lab
Brownfemipower over at Women of Color Blog
Nezua at The Unapologetic Mexican
Rachel Kramer Bussel at The Lusty Lady
Dr. Susan Block (via Bloggamy)

And in case some of those have already been tagged, three alternatives:

Dr. Carol Queen
Bint Alshamsa of My Private Casbah
Dr. Gloria Brame

Have at it, Clones.

Oh…and the first person who attempts to run a Lolcat on me gets a full can or SmackDog Whupasstm laid on him/her….I wouldn’t impose that torture on even my worst enemy. Hmmmph.

BTW….De-Riddle Me This, Please???

A full gallon of Concentrated SmackDog Whupasstm goes to the reader who can successfully re-vowel this quote that I just saw at that Feministe thread:

t wll nvr stp bng fcntng t m tht th ppl wh clm t b th nl ns wh cr abt “ctl wmn” r s nvstd n mntnng th stts q. n sggstn tht mb – jst mb – wmn rn’t pblc tlts s mt wth ccstns f shkng p wth th “rlgs rght”, ccstns f gnrng th “ctl wmn”, ccstns f clsssm, rcsm, sxsm, ccstns f bng slf-rghts prhbtnsts. ll n n ffrt t jstf th cmmdfctn nd xplttn f fml flsh.

Wh bthr t tr nd stp th xplttn f wmn, whn t wld b jst s mch sr t mk th xplttn sr? Wh bthr trng t d nthng t ll, bcs thr ffrts hv fld? nd mst f ll, dn’t VR tr t cnvnc bs wth rctns tht th rn’t ttll nttld t sng wmn’s bd t gt ff. Bcs thr’s sm wmn t lk bng sx wrkrs nd tht mns, f dn’t ncld thm n vr sngl dscssn n th tpc, ‘ dn’t cr bt thm (vn thgh th rn’t th tpc t ll)!! (Rthr lk, f dn’t tlk bt ml vctms f DV r rp/Sxl sslt n thrd bt fml vctms, thn dn’t cr bt thm!!)

f tht s “crng” bt “ctl wmn”, ‘m Snt Cls.

I won’t reveal the poster here; she can be found out quite easily there.

“Blogging For Sex-Ed (Post) Day”: My Penny’s Worth

As is the usual for me, I tend to catch things a bit too late…so I will apologize to Renegade Evolution if my contribution to her mighty and well-timed carnival isn’t so well-timed. 

Most of my thoughts are reflected all so well by other contributors, to which you can check their links over there at Ren’s…so my contribution will be a bit more brief. Mostly, it will be an expansion on a comment I sent there today.

Personally, I do happen to believe that sex education is pretty much FUBAR..mostly because of the natural monopoly that the Christian Right has established over the dominant ideology with their "abstinence only" policy of denial combined with their meme of "Sex is a privilege given only to married couples for the direct purpose of procreating God’s/Allah’s, Yahweh’s/whatever deity is king of the moment’s childen; anything else is sin and heresy and a direct threat to homeland security worse than ‘Islamofascism’". I’m not so sure, though, that using the schools as a vehicle for an alternative would be an effective counter solution.

The problem I see is that all the political and social institutions in this culture are driven by a lot of sex negativity and sexual denial to begin with; and it doesn’t necessarily come exclusively from the Christian Right. Even the most supposedly liberal and hip and cool parents are just as capable of passing extreme judgements on adolescents about their sexuality and their sexual development, even as they pay begrudging respect to the incessant growth and popularity of sexual imagery driven by both the improvements in technology (especially the Internet) and the natural thirst for information previously hidden from young adolescents and young adults. Of course, there is much to be concerned about when it comes to teenage sexuality….STD’s, reproductive issues such as unwanted pregnancy and abortion, proper health care, and simply negotiating sexual desire with others who might not have their better interests in mind.  But simply firing stats about how many women get infected with the variant strains of herpes or other STDs or moaning about how many young girls are dressing like the Pussycat Dolls and reading Jenna Jameson’s bio without wanting to burn it afterwards is no more effective than merely throwing condoms at young men and telling them, "Just do it, as long as you wrap up." (Not that the latter shouldn’t be part of the message, mind you."

The main issue here for me is that most young adults don’t have the resources or the access to non-judgmental, accurate, and humane information about their personal sexuality, and that the alternatives (either watching porn or relying on the usual misinformation and disinformation) simply don’t meet their needs adquately enough.  The fact that the overwhelming majority of these adolescents happen to be working class who often rely on material designed basically for the more economically privileged might be a factor that has been lost on a lot of sex-ed activists.  For these people, it isn’t enough merely to offer condoms at the local clinic; there has to be a complete system of health care available and accessible to them. So, it is as much a class and economic issue as it is a cultural issue…indeed, the two simply cannot be seperated.

My own personal solution to this dilemma is to combine progressive peer- and community-based structures of role modeling and mentoring where adults and the more mature adolescents can do the bulk of the shoe leather and educating work on demystifying sexuality and providing the accurate and non-judgmental information and resources needed; with an overall assault on economic inequality overall.  A focus on a radical, sex-positive, humane, and egalitarian approach to sex education that doesn’t rely on imposition from above, but rather on reform and even revolution from the masses and from those most affected would do much good, in my view.  This is NOT the libertarian Right "if it feels good to you, it’s OK, and damn the consequenses for everyone else" approach that is far too commonly pushed as an opposite to the "faith-based abstinence only" lies; it simply acknowleges that adolescents are, no less than adults are, sexual beings who do deserve both support, respect, and the full array of choices and responsibilities for exercising their right to explore that aspect of their being. If, after some time, the educational establishment decides to catch up and adopt this approach, that would be fine by me….but until then, I wouldn’t trust them to teach my nephews and nieces about the facts of life any more than I’d trust Playboy or Penthouse or the next Vivid feature.

And yet…..even they would be totally preferable to the numbnuts who currently populate the White House and who are channelling the worst of sexual Puritanism to impose sexual ignorance on the rest of us.

OK…that should be enough for now, I guess.  I’d say more..but I gotta go earn my paycheck.



For Those Of You Just Joining Us….

I see that Dr. James at Left End of the Dial has added this humble blog to his own blogroll, and appropriated my….errrrrrr…Earthside’s "Dimocrats" gloss (that’s OK, Doc….fair use and Creative Commons License and all).

Considering that I may be getting a few of his browsers who might tour this blog and wind up saying things like: "What the hell is this??", I figure that a reset for who I am and what this blog means might be in order.

So, for those of you who are just browsing in; here’s the abbreviated version of The SmackDog Chronicles Primer 101.

1) The title is inspired by the fact that I happen to be a Black man (hence, the popular hip-hop derivative "dog", who happens to run a lot of smack about my feelings about this world and my place in it.

2) My politics are basically more inclined towards the independent Libertarian Left — that is, I tend to distrust a lot of what passes for government leadership from most sides; but I generally support the aggressive use of government as a tool to equalize and level the economic playing field and to offer fundamental protections for the most expansive envelope of free speech and free expression humanly possible. I’d rather censure and call out haters and jackasses and bigots and other asshats than censor them.

3) I am more of a plain populist democratic socialist, in that I tend to believe that the means and ends of production should be better distrubuted amongst those who actually do most of the work (hence the term "working class") rather than merely hoarded by a few super-rich corporations and their owners.

4) As you can plainly see, I have quite a low opinion of the Democratic Party (now transformed into the "Dimocrats"); this was well earned through my experiences with the Louisiana variant (hint: ex guv Edwin Edwards, ex US Senator John Breaux, current guv Kathleen "Kitty Blanks" Blanco) which caused me to leave the party about 20 years ago and register as an Independent. In my not really much humble view, the Dims have basically been using and milking progressives and "liberals" to gain electoral majorities, only to consistently and constantly ignore their basic needs in favor of sucking up to the corporate-military war establishment, not to mention their consistent pandering to the most reactionary groups in the hope of winning back the mythical "center". I tend to favor the "build a REAL Left that stands for egalitarian values and stands strong against privilege (both economic and social), and let the Center come to you" approach.

5) Of course, my opinion of the current occupying Republican party in the White House, not to mention the current occupant George W. Bush and his gang of merry fascist thieves, is that much lower even than that of the Dims….but then again, any party led by the likes of Dubya, Dick Cheney, and Alberto "Abu" Gonzales, who has the likes of Tom "Bug Spray" DeLay, Dennis Hastert and Ricky Santorum as its chief spokesmen in Congress, and who claims as their chief boosters in the media people of the quality of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Michael Reagan, and Bill O’Reilly, would probably not rank too high with reality-based people, either. (And the local variant matches the national in terms of going off the cliff, too; just think "David Duke".)

6) Finally….don’t be scared off by a lot of the sex and porn talk here; this is mostly a PG-13 rated blog.  I am interested in sex positivism and pro-sex radicalism mostly because I’ve seen for far too long how sexually reactive and sexually conservative politics has basically destroyed progressive politics by throwing certain sexual dissidents and sexual outlaw groups under the train to feed the dominant cultural consensus. I tend to defend free sexual expression and free sexual media mostly because challenging the dominant social conservatism should be part of any thinking Left radical’s mission, and because scapegoating innocent people merely because their form of private consensual sex play doesn’t meet certain people’s conceptions of political theory really does suck (and not in the good way, either).

I think that that’ll be a nice intro for starters.  Please feel free — and it is all free, of course — to browse through the blog and read up some more on my methods and my madness…and if you still feel up to staying here (or not), thanks for stopping by anyway.

Just remember the SmackChron Prime Directive:

Have a take that does not suck….and don’t be an asshat.

Welcome in, y’all.


A Couple of Fun Video Clips: “Phone Wars”, and “Bubblicious”

Just to show that things need not be all serious here all the time.

First, there is this short vignette featuring the extremes to which certain phone companies will go to get your business…even if it means giving one "the business"..heheh:



glumbert.com – Switch — h/t to ‘Da Original Sex Goddess (aka Nina Hartley) for sharing
And then, there is this very short but sweet spoof of a commercial for bubble gum…..which has some…well, shall we say, interesting side effects:

 "Bubblicious Beach" (thanks to the forever busty and sexy Vicky Vette (WARNING: NSFW link) for granting me permission to cross post this from her forum)

 And no, it’s not the child that’s what’s important, it’s what’s she gawking at.  Just watch and see for yourself.

And they say that women who love sex don’t have brains or senses of humor…. 🙂




Another Day, Another Meme: “Five Questions”

2)First off, here’s the rules, as sent to me by Renegade Evolution:

1) Solicit an interview through another blogger’s comment section.
2) Said blogger sends you five questions of varying intimacy for you to answer.
3) You answer them in your blog (with proper credit and linkage).
4) You then solicit others if they want to be interviewed.
5) If they do, then you must send them five Q’s for them to answer….and so on.

And now….the Henchwoman’s High Five, along with my responses:

1)  Aside from Nina [Hartley], who are your favorite porn stars?

I have to break it down into subcategories, since there are so many women I adore:
Hardcore Pros (besides Nina): Vicky Vette, Avy Scott, Heather Hunter, Shayla LaVeaux, Rebecca Lord, Kylie Irleand, Ava Devine, Desiree Cousteau, Gina Lynn, Vanessa del Rio, Bethany Sweet, Cara Lott, Sativa Rose
Hardcore SemiPro/Amateurs: Bridgett Lee, Naughty Allie, Nikki Jackson, Rebecca Jessop, Jan Burton
Softcore Pros: Shauna O’Brien, Kira Reed, Julie Strain, Monique Parent 

2) As a kid, you wanted to grow up to be a….?

First a policeman; then, when I got deep into music, a band director.

3) What is one of your role models?

Nelson Mandela….gotta admire someone willing to suffer so much personally to liberate an entire nation.

4) Favorite band/artist?

I was raised on 70s funk and "The Elements" (Earth, Wind, & Fire)…but my heart and soul gotta stick with Olivia [Newton-John].  

5) You seem to love the drumline action…do you play?

Sadly, no….I was actually more of a woodwind specialist in college, and I never quite made it to get my degree for whatever reason.  Still, I’m big on marching bands (especially the high-stepping "showbands") and I just like d-lines that can execute and entertain.


All right….who wants to play along??  As Beyonce would say: "To the left, to the left….."


Etiology of a Sex-Positive SmackDog (A Response to ‘Da Bitch)

OK….since K over at Bitch|Lab asked me for it; I decided to post it here.

The original question that Miz B asked was simply this: What made you into a “sex positive feminist” or got you interested in “sex positive feminist” theory??

I thought that a mere response via her comments would not be respectful of the question, so I’ve decided to elaborate more as a general post here.

For me, it started as a college student…..I was mostly your traditional Black liberal who was just shaking off the crumbs of a conservative Catholic upbringing (both my parents were devout to the point of making us attend Cathecism and getting Communion…though personally I saw it as more of a diversion from my main love of music and band).  I was more of the loner type who simply loved to read…so while other students would hit the clubs when they weren’t hitting the books; I’d be at the college library stocking up on books on political theory.  The fact that I was a severe loner also helped in that rather than harrass women to get laid, I would simply internalize my sexual fantasies into thoughts of powerful, intellegent women who would seduce me, rather than the other way around.  That particular fetish tended to reenforce my basic bias towards the more independent, sexually assertive, yet politically progressive woman that became my own particular sort of fetish, if you will.

Naturally, being a progressive man with a working dick and an active erotic imagination (if mostly avoiding “playing the field” in real life due to shyness (and a speech impediment) tended to lead me to support the type of social liberalism and feminism that supported both women’s autonomy and equality AND her basic right to be whatever she wanted to be sexually….and to admire (and secretly lust after) those who took the risk of being openly sexual beings. Unfortunately for me, my sexual and intellectual self-discovery happened to take place exactly when antiporn feminism and its “cultural feminist” stepparent theory was becoming the rage amongst the general Left/liberal intellegensia; it was then that I got my first bitter taste of the likes of Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon. Shelia Jeffreys, Kathleen Barry, Diana E. H. Russell, and the rest of the porn-busting feminist posse. 

Their concept of reducing sex to innate male rapicity/female passivity and their demonization of sexual desire as innately evil and destructive was such a radical departure from everything I had thought feminism (especially the more liberal branch of feminism) to be. Particually galling to me was their incessant bashing and guilt-tripping of progressive (that is, Left/liberal) men as basically only favoring women’s equality as a ruse to get into their panties. Not that the thought of getting into certain women’s panties didn’t come to my mind on occasion, of course, but the notion that to even think of a woman with sexual intent in private while respecting her full freedom and consent amounted to the equivalent of rape (mentally, if not physically) simply struck me as as best foolish and misconstruction of our individual motives and desire…and, at worst, outright sexist, sex-hating fascism parrotting the Christian Right.

All seemed lost….until four women came along and finally set me right.

The first was Gayle Rubin, who offered up a long serial essay called “Thinking Sex” in Carole Vance’s anthology Pleasure and Danger: Exploring Female Sexuality which attempted to define and develop a distinct progressive theory of sexuality and erotic justice that combined a liberationist and expansive view of positive sexual discovery with a legitimate and honest empathy with the dangers of sexual exploration in a conservative culture. Her willingness to treat sexuality (not just women’s sexuality, but sexuality) as a positive force and a ground for neutral study rather than just  something to be condemned was very much refreshing and somewhat radical for my ears and eyes.

The second woman was Susie Bright…who at that time had just founded On Our Backs magazine as a counterweight to the radicallesbian belief that lesbians should neuter their sexuality to meet a narrow, restrictive, “woman-friendly” model.  Her mastery of studying sexual culture from a liberatory POV, as well as her perspective as an old-school radical of the 60s and 70s on how social movements often ignore the intimate issues of sexuality and sexual desire to their peril, greatly enlightened me on my own political transformation.

Another influence was Dr. Carol Queen…she was the first one to introduce me to the diversity of queer theory and the vision of what a truly “sex-positive” culture would be like; and her experience as an actual sex worker and sex educator gave some intellectual ballast to my base beliefs.

But all those women pale in comparison to one special woman who would completely blow away every last pretension I had about intellegent sexual progressive women.

Two words will suffice here:  Nina.  Hartley.

Why this one particular woman???  I’ll tell you in Part II of this post, coming up.

(Sorry to make this a two-parter..but gotta run for family business.)




Sex Positive Radicalism 101 — (Smack)Doggie Style

Since many of you who view this blog may not know or understand the underlying philosophy that underlays this little blog project; I will take time out from the Sex Wars and entertain you with a post that I placed at Bitch | Lab a few minutes ago. It was in response to Miz K sweetly and with much jest suggesting that my advocacy of porn and sex positivity as a litmus test for feminism was “annoying”. Since I do happen to have a reputation to uphold; I sent this post in response (actually, it was broken down into three posts, but I am consolidating them here for brevity’s sake. Hopefully, it will give you a inkling of the methods of my madness….or the other way around.

Just try and blow this one, Ms. Bitch. heheh 😛

Adapted from the “Erased” thread at Bitch | Lab, which can be found here.

Perhaps a clarification of my fundamental views on sexuality and feminism is needed so that people can understand why I can get really annoying…..errrrrrr, passionate at times about the issues:I’m not an academic like B|L; I deal in the empirical world with regular working people. (Not that you don’t, Miz B; I’m just saying that I’m not academically trained.)

My belief as a sex radical and a socialist and a free-thinking feminist is that people should be given all of the resources and all of the leeway to make informed decisions about themselves and their bodies based on factual and non-judgemental information…and that the masses should be willing to accept that individual’s decision (whether it be based on an individual or part of a collective decision process) as long as that decision doesn’t negatively impact, injure, or irrepably harm others. To me, a free and equal person is more than able to make informed and capable decision; and whether you like that decision or not; as long as it doesn’t affect you personally, it shouldn’t be really any concern to you what (s)he does.

Now, there are limited conditions to that basic belief where I do think that government or the state can step in in the name of the common good and intervene in personal behaviors that may become ultimately destructive to others..but the burden of proof lies with the government or the other institution to prove that they are acting in the proper interest and that their actions are limited to the scope of the danger, and not just to increase government power for the mere sake of power itself.

Therefore, I have no problems with government inducing citizens to pay their fair share of taxes to fund infrastructure improvements or public health care or living wages or supporting legal and fair unions to improve the well being of the working class and the poor, because that represents a common, collective good of equality and social and economic justice.

On the contrary, I have a really BIG problem with using tax dollars financed through regressive taxation to fund a overbloated military and a repressive social structure (jailing citizens for “victimless crimes”; using prisoners and undocumented “illegals” for cheap labor to undercut wages and benefits for working people; repressive surveillance (sic??) used to snoop on people to use their personal failings against them; and other similar issues); as well as giving all sorts of benefits to the wealthiest portion of the population at the expense of the working class and poor majority.

[Note that I use the term “working class” in the traditional old-school Marxist sense of meaning anyone who depends solely upon their labor for their wages.]

In short, my belief in free will and self-determination has always been rooted in the ideas of fundamental Leftist notions of equality and social justice and redistribution of resources and popular control of the means and ends of production.

Similarly, as to my views on porn and sexual expression: I’m not arguing that porn is the utopia of ultimate personal sexual expression, or even that those who consume it regularly are the vangard of the new socialist (or feminist) revolution. Of course, all porn is not neccessarily asthetically pretty or promotes all love and peace and flowers; real live sex reflects the attitudes of those human beings who make it, and so does porn. (And like any other medium, porn is not immune from all the motivations and frailties of the profit motive; that more than anything else is the source of why so much of it really sucks (and not in the good way, either).)

Yes, most het porn is tuned to male fantasies of women; it is the collorary of romance novels and soap operas that are geared to women. (Ignoring, of course, gay male, bi, and lesbian porn or porn featuring transsexuals.) Yes, porn sells a certain hyperrealistic fantasy about a woman or man who is always ready to drop his or her drawers whenever (s)he desires sex (not to say that such women or men don’t or shouldn’t exist, mind you; people who aren’t afraid to follow their hardon or clit and enjoy sex to the fullest is definitely NOT a bad thing); that’s not that much different than lotteries which sell the opportunity for escape from middle-class drudgery into the level of the rich, if only for a while until the money eventually runs out. And yes indeed, porn can also be a reflection of the worst in people’s behaviors; it reflects the broader sexism and racism that exists in this unequal capitalist, racist, patriarchial society.

But just because sexist people may produce sexist porn to sell to other sexist people and make a small fortune on it at the expense of the talent (the male and female performers) who does all the “dirty work”, or that are some really nasty people who do exploit and abuse prostitutes or erotic dancers for their own purposes, does NOT neccessarily translate always into porn or sex work being solely the essence of patriarchy and “sexual slavery”; and that its total abolition through censorship and replacement with a “feminist” -made sexuality is the only solution to mitigate for the negative effects. Here is where I particularly and directly part company with the radfems and their “leftist” allies. Human choices are indeed conditioned by the societies they live in; but intimate human sexual desires are not so socially constructed that they would totally fade away if the societies were transformed radically.

Besides, porn and sex work can be and has been used just as much as a tool of progressive, feminist, positive transformation as it can be and has been used for reactionary purposes; and in this world where sex is still treated as nuclear waste outside of the narrow definition of procreation for religion or monogamous “intimacy” within marriage, it is more than important that we understand why porn and sex work remain so popular, even in spite of their illicitity. As important as sex education books and reproductive freedom is to the progressive development of human beings (especially considering the issue of world overpopulation and women’s rights); learning about and understanding the functioning of their sexual bodies and their desires is simply essential….and how can people effectivly understand others if they are so ignorant about their own bodies and feelings??

This is where the traditional Right’s (and the Puritan Left’s) crusades against sexual discovery and enlightenment (and physical acts such as masturbation or non-procreative sexual acts or preventative measures against unwanted pregnancy) really come into focus; it’s as if an orgasm or a man spilling his “seed” is considered to be such a cosmic threat to the social order that huge institutional weight must be sent down to enforce the overall Puritan social order.

Now, I do not deny one bit that being sexually assertive and open doesn’t have its risks and pitfalls by any means, especially for women. There are indeed men who will take the generosity and openness of sexually assertive women as a license to do all kinds of harm to them (including rape, assault, forced prostitution, and even murder). Plus, there is the usual “slut’/”whore”/”harlot” stigma that has always been attached for ages to women who defy the traditional sexual standards of the “good girl/woman/feminist” pedestal; thusly earning them all the typical abuse and slander for “bringing women down”. And there is the threat of STDs such as HIV/AIDS, herpes, gonnorrhea, chimydia (sic??) cervical cancer, and other health risks that go with unprotected sex that those who choose to act out on their sexual urges have to confront.

Given all of this, it is not too surprising that within feminism and the Left there has emerged a counter-Puritan-like movement similar to the Religious Right to condemn sexual experimentation and greater sexual openess as damaging and harmful to women, and to revive all the restrictions of older, more conservative sexual morality as protecting women from “the patriarchy”. Their motives are true and they mean well…but their tactics still do not allow for the basic fact that sexual media and other sexual institutions can be reformed and transformed for more progressive goals, that the primary sex institutions do serve a legitimate social need of venting sexual desires; and that total and complete abolition of sexual services would not in any way change the attitudes of men prone to reactionary beliefs about women and sexuality.

Plus…their open hostility and elitism and sheer disgust towards women and men who don’t share their absolutist views about the innate criminality and rapicity of male sexuality or the absolute equivalence of “pornstitution” with rape and violence, serves to divide and polarize and ultimately weaken progressive activism in general at a time when such activism needs to be more consolidated than ever. This isn’t to say that there is absolutely nothing true about antiporn activism or radical feminism; but their explotiation of certain realities to manipulate emotions and slander their critics (while collectively indicting and punishing innocent men as rapists merely because of their erections, or women who disagree with them as “sluts” and enablers of rape) ultimately does as much or more damage to the cause of women’s rights than any antifeminist Rightist could ever do.

The point of all this, Miz B, is that however I may place my defense of consensual sexual expression and media under the guise of “determinism/free will”, as you so put it; my more fundamental underpinning lies not in the mere defense of free choices, but the radical notion of sexuality being a progressive and a positive force for human empowerment and equality, and that people of the Left should not overpoliticize human sexual desire merely to proscribe human choices that do not coerce or physically harm others. In other words, sex and the erotic shouldn’t be taken too seriously that it becomes an obsession at the expense of more fundamental issues of institutional inequality, but should be taken seriously enough when it is used as a source and a media for enforcing inequality and injustice. Merely attaching sex media, sex work, and the study of sexual desire as the pinnacle of racism, sexism or capitalism, then promoting an essentialist model of “transformative” sexuality as an alternative that has no relation to the reality of women’s or men’s desires and actual behaviors is simply insufficient; one must interact and analyze the real world with real people as they exist; not in the utopias invented in some fantasy world of the future. (Although, such fantasy worlds can be genuine motivations and targets to push for.)

In the real world, men and women will dance, kiss, grind, grope, suck, lick, and fuck; that won’t change one bit one day, one month, or a thousand years after “the revolution”. Maybe it’s time for Leftists and progressives to acknowledge that fact and stop attempting to ape the Right in attempting to put down legitimate sexual urges and desires; and instead work to make sexual relationships and outreach more humane, more equal, more progressive, and more mutually pleasurable for all.

That, sister K, is my fundamental belief on sexuality. Call it “annoying” or call it whatever you wish; but it’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

— Dedicated to Nina Hartley, Shauna O’Brien, Vicky Vette, Avy Scott, Susie Bright, Dr. Susan Block, The Real Violet Blue, Theresa “Darklady” Reed, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Tristan Taormino, Dr. Carol Queen, Dr. Betty Dodson, and all the other sexy and intellegent ladies who helped me to shape my sex-positive pro-feminist radicalism to the fullest.

‘Ye Ole Fantasy Meme

Usually, I tend to keep my personal fantasies really personal…..but since Kevin at Slant Truth and Progressive Bloggers Kick Ass dropped the meme on me; I guess that I can do some revealing. So, here I go:

1. Are you in them? Or do you fantasize about other people without your being present? If you are in them, is it as participant or just spectator? If you are in them, are you truly yourself or different from yourself?

Generally a delightful mix….usually with me more watching other people watch, then participate; then, if all things turn out, I get to participate, too.

2. Do you fantasize another person’s point of view, desires and thoughts?

Certainly…since I tend toward the “slut goddess” point of view, I usually fantasize towards that perspective of a woman who just loooooooovvvessss her some sex, and isn’t afraid to follow her nether regions. Of course, I can also play the “prey” of the hunter as well.

3. Is there a narrative, set-up, story? Or just a scene, without history or future?

I tend to rather favor some form of a set up to my fantasies; not too much so that the good stuff is delayed, but just enough for background.

4. Is there a sequence of events, or just images? If there is a temporal sequence, do you proceed neatly chronologically or with analepsis (flashback) and prolepsis (flashforward)?

I can go either with the sequential or the temporal…as long as I and my (s)heros get off early and often, it matters little with format.

5. Is there dialogue? Narration? Do words matter? Do you describe the fantasy to yourself in words as you have it?

I prefer some dialogue, and even some narration from the “slut goddess” POV, as I said before.

6. If you were to write down a typical fantasy, how long would the text be?

I would say probably around two to three pages…about the size of your typical erotic fiction fantasy story.

7. If you are in your fantasies, are you predominantly desired or desiring?

Given the overwhelming beauty of my goddesses, I’m more than likely desiring..but I wouldn’t mind being desired as well.

8. Does atmosphere matter? How much detail – clothes, setting, room temperature?

Yes, indeed, the overall atmosphere matters much; comfort for all is a must. And the right clothing can be quite as erotic…especially when they fall to the floor.

9. Is there music in your fantasies?

If it fits the mood, yes…..otherwise, I prefer the natural music of enthusiastic orgasms.

10. Are there aromas in your fantasies?

I don’t mind many scents and fragrances at the beginning…but ultimately all must yield to the aroma of natural sex.


I could have gotten a bit more explicit..but not here.

OK…time to pass the baton on. ‘Yo….Belledame, Lis, Doc Suzy …..where ‘ya at??? 😉